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I found Pappy's Pet Lodge by accident. It was simply a matter of driving by and noticing all the dogs playing outside in a very large outdoor area. I didn't think much of it until my usual pet sitter fell through and I was about to leave on a ten day trip to Europe!

“I have only boarded my pug, Lulu, one time and it was traumatizing for both of us. ”

I have only boarded my pug, Lulu, one time and it was traumatizing for both of us. The kennels were stacked on top of each other, it was loud, and the only play area was small, indoor, tiled floor area inside of a pet store. Fortunately, she only had to stay there two nights. This, however, was going to be much different; therefore, I had to make sure it was a place that I, as well as Lu, was comfortable with.

Lu went with me the day that I first checked the place out. We entered through a very large gate and pulled into a large facility with a main building and a building with "Pet Academy" lettered above the door.

I had done some online research so I recognized the general manager as soon as I walked in. He also came right up to us and introduced himself. He sat right on the floor, took Lu's leash, and started talking to and petting Lu, who, by the way, does not do well with strangers and new situations. She is very nervous since, I must admit, she has led a very spoiled and somewhat sheltered life.

The manager, Trey, sat with us a while and explained the facility, rates, and answered any other questions I had. He then took us on a tour of the place.

“The first thing that I noticed was that although there were many dogs there, it did not have that dog smell.

The first thing that I noticed was that although there were many dogs there, it did not have that dog smell. It was very clean and properly maintained. The next thing that I was pleasantly surprised by was the fact that the kennels were not stacked on top of each other. They were also very good sized; even the smallest sized kennel would be plenty big enough for Lulu. We walked through the "quiet rooms" designated for older pets or those pets, like Lu, who are on the shyer side.

We passed by the grooming center, the indoor play area, which I was told is used when the weather is too hot or ugly to play outside, and we passed by a door marked "small animals." Trey explained that Pappy's houses everything from snakes to guinea pigs to turtles to dogs and everything in between. He further stated that a hedgehog named Corndog would be checking in later.

After the tour, I again stayed a while longer asking questions to make sure that this was the right place for my precious Lulu. Although Lulu was still quite nervous, I was feeling good about this place.

I asked Trey about temperament checks and if all dogs that Lu would be interacting with had been checked. He stated that the first interaction with Lu was a "check" for fleas, ticks, etc. and how she dealt with new people. He further stated that he was watching Lu as we walked through the tour to see how she reacted to other dogs. Lulu, by the way, is a bit of a Mama's girl and couldn't care any less about the other animals there.

“Pappy's Pet Lodge not only boards pets, but also has doggy daycare as well.

Pappy's Pet Lodge not only boards pets, but also has doggy daycare as well. For a minimal fee, you can add on daycare to your boarding rate to get the benefits of doggy daycare. Boarding consists of three, 15 minute potty breaks daily. With the addition of daycare, your pet can have either half day play time or full day play time, with a two hour "nap time" in between.

Although I had a good feeling about Pappy's, I wasn't ready quite yet to take the plunge and register her for boarding. I thanked them for the tour, took a business card and a pamphlet, and headed for the door. Just as we were about to leave, Corndog and his two canine brothers came in with their people to check in.

After reviewing other pet boarding facilities and being very disappointed in their quality and cleanliness, I decided that Pappy's was the place I would board Lulu.

The day came when I had to drop Lu off at Pappy's. I was holding back tears as I pulled up to the gate. Lu and I walked in and, once again, we were greeted by the friendly staff who got right on the floor and snuggled and petted Lu, talked to her, and told her how cute she was. I was very delighted to see that Lu's tail was just wagging and wagging which made me feel better about the whole situation.

They took Lu's leash and led her straight away. Although I didn't get to say goodbye, I'm sure it was an intentional approach to avoid any lingering and teary, emotional farewells. I just finished giving the staff instructions for feeding and signed her up for doggy daycare and I was out the door.

When I got home I went right online to Pappy's webcam. I was able to see her outside in the yard with all of the other small dogs. The webcam was definitely an added benefit as I was able to check in on her while I was on my trip. They also assured me that I could call at any time to check in on her as well.

Needless to say, when I returned to pick Lu up from Pappy's Pet Lodge, she was extremely excited to see me. All of her belongings were neatly packed up and given back to me along with a "report card" of her behavior.

Although I would have liked a more detailed synopsis of her stay and how she interacted with other dogs and people, or if she was sad while I was away, I know that she was well taken care of in a clean, safe environment. I would highly recommend Pappy's Pet Lodge and I have since used them again with the same result. Lu is happy and safe, and I can travel peacefully knowing that she is being well taken care of.

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